Peter   M0RGN

Elaine M6CLB (SK

Dave G7LTR

Glen  G6ORO  (Hon)

Tony  M0SGG

Graham  G7KNZ

John  M0ITT

John  G1KOD

Ian     2E0IXS

Graham  2E0MHD

Jamie     M7WPJ

Bob        M7CRX

Steve     M7CYT

John       M7RMJ

Frank      M7FPR

Cliff         M7DFK

Club Net Details:

Every Monday Night

19:00 - 21:30

at the club

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Set up in August 2012 and based at The Ashton Town Football Club, the Radio Club was founded by Peter ‘M0RGN’ and his wife Elaine ‘M6CLB’ (SK) with a view to promoting the fascinating world of Amateur Radio to the wider community. 

There is ample off road car parking space, but vehicles are left at the owners own risk.

Inside the club you will find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for chillin’ chatting or a game of pool, there is a bar area for those that would like more than a warm brew, which is also available. The radio room is adequately equipped for both long and short distance contacts and has plenty of space for operators and log keepers as well as those that prefer to construct radio related projects.

And with that out of the way, next comes the equipment we have available:

Radios:        Yaesu FT950 & FT450D for HF,

Yaesu FT480R for VHF, Yaesu FT8800 VHF UHF

Radioddity DB25 fot VHF /UHF

Hytera MD785 for Brandmeister DMR.

Antennas in use: V2000 Tri Band Antenna: 6m/2m/70cms

X7000 Tri Band Antenna: 2m/70cms/23cms

Long wire antenna which is extended over the car park.

Please Note! No equipment is left on site.

Joining the club:

For those that would like to join our club there is subscription structure in place which is as follows:

. Subscriptions

(a) After the first two free visits to the Radio Club each person over the age of 18 will be expected to pay £10. For those under the age of 18 and over the age of 65, a £10 annual subscription will be expected to be paid to Ashton Town Football Club then £1 to the Radio club weekly thereafter, to be paid weekly or monthly in advance. For those with exceptional circumstances the £10 annual football subscriptions may be paid in installments at the discretion of the Football Club.

(b) Weekly subscriptions of £1 per week (to be paid weekly or monthly) should be paid for the full 52 weeks of the year, thus making it possible for the Radio Club to then pay the next £10 Annual membership fee to Ashton Town Football Club on behalf of each member out of the Radio Club funds, which makes the first £10 annual subscription a one off payment by each new member.

(c) If for any reason any member cannot meet the 52 weekly Radio Club subscriptions they should contact a member of the committee as soon as possible to work out other arrangements so as to keep the ‘one off ‘payment of £10 annual subscription to the Ashton Town Football Club in force.

(d) If any member falls behind by 3 months or 12 weeks with the weekly £1 Radio Club subscription, then a meeting of the committee will be called by the Chairman to discuss possible solutions to this problem. If no solution can be found then termination of membership to the Radio Club will need to come into effect and the member in question will lose all voting rights at any future meeting held, (AGM or EGM) and lose any benefits that came with the Radio Club membership. Their Football Club membership will not be affected until their 12 months Football Club subscription is expired.

(e) If anyone would like to re-join the Radio Club, then their weekly membership shortfall should be made up in order to keep the ‘one off’ Annual Subscription to the Ashton Town Football Club and regain the benefits that full membership offers. If they can’t make up the short fall then they will be responsible for the next annual subscription to the Ashton Town Football Club.

(f) If for any reason anyone would like to resign their membership from the Radio Club, then any weekly subscription money that they have paid in, which is over the date they wish to resign their membership will be repaid.

(g) The financial year of the Radio Club shall be from, the last Monday in November and each subsequent year thereafter.  

So with all that said, all we ask of you is:

Give respect to the club and other members.

Help those that are new to the hobby.

Respect those that are operating the radios in the radio shack.

But most of all, enjoy your night with us.

Thanks for your time and

Best regards

Peter M0RGN, Elaine M6CLB (SK) & all the members of the

Ashton in Makerfield Amateur Radio Club.

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